Common questions

1. Does the software allow me to run retirement scenarios?
By utilizing the growth charts Planning Shepherd offers, subscribers can represent multiple scenarios reflecting different variables and assumptions.
2. Am I able to run income tax calculations in the software?
Planning Shepherd has a built-in income tax calculator allowing users to run different projections.
3. Does the software allow me to represent year over year comparisons?
Planning Shepherd allows users to compare multiple points in time so a client can easily see how their assets and investments are growing over time.
4. Will the software calculate estate tax?
If a client has a taxable estate, Planning Shepherd has the ability to calculate the estimated estate tax that will be due as well as show clients multiple planning strategies that could be used to offset or eliminate their estate tax liability.
5. Can the reports be customized?
Planning Shepherd allows you the ability to create your own custom pages and reports or use the pre-built templates.
6. Does the software account for inflation?
The report does not automatically calculate for inflation. There is a separate template we have designed to illustrate spending power.
7. Does the software aggregate?
We have found that most aggregation systems are inconsistent and that is not something we have chosen to implement at this time.